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Lemon IRM
Lemon IRM will be ready late 2024

Lemon IRM is the next generation Influencer Relationship Management Platform

Redefining influencer connection, collaboration, co-creation, and communication.

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Connect with your Influencer

Create relationship from the start. Foster long-term partnership.

  • Bring Your Own Influencer

    Import Influencer from your own database, we will enrich the data with their past campaign performance.

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  • Your own Brand Homepage

    Dedicated homepage for Influencer which showcase your current running campaign, surveys or affiliate products.

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  • Invite Influencer

    Avoid repetitive importing by giving influencer invitation link.

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  • Discover New Influencer

    Use scouting campaign to discover new Influencer who interested with your offer.

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Collaborate on your next campaign

Finding participants for your next campaign is much easier

  • Intuitive Campaign Creation

    Choose your goal whether awareness, engagement, or even sales. We will provide you task presets based on your goal.

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  • Complete Communication Flow

    We provide chat and announcement tools per campaign so You can do 1 or 2 way communication.

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  • Public or Private

    Adjust the visiblity of your campaign. You can invite instead of listing them on app.

  • Auto Brief using Lemon AI

    Let AI write your brief. AI will automatically rephrase the wording you put on brief to simple language understandable by Influencer.

  • KOL Suggestion

    Let AI suggest which Influencer to pick especially in public campaign where many influencers are applying to your campaign.

Co-create content with Drafting

Next level content review

  • Per-frame Video Feedback

    Give feedback per video timestamp. Clicking will play the video on that timestamp.

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  • Annotation Image Feedback

    Give feedback on the image. You can point out which part of image that need revision.

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  • Revision History

    View the history of content changes and evaluate the decision.

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  • Per-line Text Feedback

    Give feedback line-per-line especially on text-based draft.

  • Content Mirroring

    1 draft for multiple social media post? You can do that too.

  • Ready-to-post Approved Content

    Easily find approved content and just copy / download image and paste without writing the caption all over the place.

Communicate campaign report flawlessly

Progress Report or Final Report? We can do both.

  • Insight Summary using Lemon AI

    Let AI explain and crunch the numbers for you. So you don't need to translate the report again.

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  • Calculate Campaign ROI

    Find out Return on Investment based on industry standard CPM / CPC / CPV.

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  • Participant Performance

    Not only overall campaign performance, we also expose influencer performance for this campaign. So you can decide which influencer fit on this type of campaign.

  • Deep Integration with Instagram and TikTok

    The data is collected via Official Instagram and TikTok API. Of course with Influencer Permission.

Choose your service

We are modular by design. Pick which service you want or go full managed.

  • Influencer Database

    Manage and sync your Influencer in one place.

  • Campaign Management

    Create effective campaign and measure the ROI.

  • Drafting

    Inspect Influencer creative and give feedback to their content before posting.

  • Community Tools

    We provide set of tools to communicate effectively with Influencer. Such as Direct Message, Announcement, Notification, etc.

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